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DIY Stock Investor

Do It Yourself (DIY) Stock Investor: one part method, one part madness. A display of techniques and reasoning for stock market investments. DIYSI is a financial website for the retail investor.

The site primarily sides with long-term, value investments that Mr. Market has overlooked (J. Greenblatt). Fundamental analysis is paramount to value stock investing and being "greedy when others are fearful” (W. Buffet). DIYSI is proud to be a favorite site of ValueWalk, which is a top rated host of value investing information.

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Stock Investing

Retail Investor
A retail investor is someone that manages their own stock portfolio. Typical characteristics of the Do It Yourself (DIY) investor include contrarian points of view and modest budgets that can't afford professional advisors.

Stocks may also be referred to as equities. A stock is a share or percentage of the whole company. The average person can buy stock in any publicly traded company, such as GoPro, Apple, Twitter or Ford. Each stock share has a price per share (PPS). A low PPS such as $5 may not necessarily mean the stock is cheap. For example, the company may also have negative earnings and declining quarterly revenue. This is why further metrics and analysis must be used instead of just looking at the price.

Value Investing
Value investing can be debatable amongst investors. However, it is essentially buying a stock that has been misunderstood. The stock may have succumbed to negative views or simply been overlooked. If the market is concerned of the company's demise the stock will significantly lower in price. It is here that the value investor will be greedy where others are fearful.

If you like +100% returns, 1yr holds with lowered capital gains tax, you've found company at DIY Stock Investor. As of 2019, unless demand were to dictate, DIYSI has:

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