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2014 Stock Reviews

2014 summaries of buy-side stock analysis, sell/short, and general review. The equities covered trade in the NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC. Most analysis is hosted at Seeking Alpha, DIYSI's primary editor. Some reviews are native to this site.

Momentum Is Sexy: Virgin America IPO Nov. 14th

November 13, 2014

Virgin America and Virgin Group would like us to know that the airline is "[I]nnovative, stylish, entrepreneurial and hip." Please, we know you just want to say sexy. The brand comes with plenty of innuendo. It's related to Virgin Records and Virgin Galactic, implying it's chic and perspiring with rocket science. Perhaps they can address the common gripe regarding child passengers? Follow the link to read the full buy-side stock analysis on Virgin America.

Chasing The Airsoft Money? Smith & Wesson Expands Polymer Capabilities

October 12, 2014

Airsoft: a point-and-shoot tag, played on an obstacle course, utilizing plastic BBs propelled by compressed air...[U]nfortunately, SWHC had only been giving this industry small interest with licensing agreements. I believe this is changing with the increase in polymer output. Follow the link to read the full buy-side stock analysis on Smith & Wesson Holding Company.

Smoke And A Coke? Dollar General Maintains An Old Reliable Sales Initiative

September 23, 2014

It's break time and you deserve some consumable druthers for the quick hiatus. If you are like me, just about any stop will meet the fix; a selection of energy drinks is just about everywhere. What I save on the 2-for-1 deal risks of an offset by future visits to the dentist (sigh). However, if you are looking for a smoke and a coke, you'll need to choose wisely. Several convenient stores have exited the cigarette market, leaving Dollar General and Walgreen as the remnant of this old sales play. This amounts to billions in annual tobacco sales. Follow the link to read the full buy-side analysis of Dollar General.

Marijuana & Antidotes: GSK & CEMP Nursing Pulmonary Diseases

September 12, 2014

With the recreational legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado, there has been an influx of investment based on skyrocketing revenues. I think there is a group of investors that would like to profit from this, but have ethical reservations. Three possible concerns might be: 1) the stigma from investing in a predominately illegal substance; 2) a concern regarding federal restrictions (U.S.C. Schedule I); or 3) other personal dispositions regarding drugs. An alternative investment would be the antidotes associated with smoking marijuana. Read the full article at Seeking Alpha. Includes buy-side analysis for Cempra, Inc. and GlaxoSmithKline stocks.

Amazon Delivery Drones: Indications Point To India For Beta Testing

August 10, 2014

Following the broadcast of Super Bowel XLVIII, CEO Jeff Bezos, informed the world via CBS 60 Minutes that octocopters (drones) would one day deliver packages. Audiences were still recovering from the shock of the best NFL offensive team, the Denver Broncos, losing by a historic point differential -- skeptical ears were attuned. At the same time, American consumers had grown concerned about new tech and the correlation to government surveillance due to information leaked by Edward Snowden. Read the full buy-side for Amazon stock analysis at Seeking Alpha.

Muses And Other Sub-Cultures: Skullcandy, A 2015 Disruptor

August 03, 2014

In the Q2 2014 results, Skullcandy referenced their attention to the "Muse consumer" multiple times. What is a Muse consumer? A quick process of elimination from Muse the band, Zeus' daughters, and figure models leaves us with a coin phrase for a: "niche-oriented", artistic, movement-authoring, consumer. Read the full buy-side stock article at Seeking Alpha.

Digital Coupon Campaign: Getting To Know Via Walgreens, Mir Aamir

July 27, 2014

Heard enough about digital coupons and the companies behind them? The candidates are starting to look and sound the same. It's time to dig a little deeper. I'm not sure if the average shopper or investor is aware of the difference amongst, RetailMeNot, Cartwheel, etc., but I believe the winning combo behind the name is Walgreens and Mir Aamir. These two make the long-term winner. Follow the link to read the full buy-side stock analysis of Update: Company name change to Quotient Technology, Inc. (NYSE: QUOT).