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Summary: 10 Questions With Value Investor T. Aaron Brown

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GuruFocus Jan. 2017

PJ Pahygiannis is a contributing author for GuruFocus, a financial news and research site that tracks the "best investors in the world." PJ had reached out to me asking for a brief interview, in which I found to be a nice experience. Most know me via my work at S.A., but I also publish stock investment information including The Swift FCF Yield at my site: DIY Stock Investor. The interview consisted of ten questions.

1. How and why did you get started investing? What is your background?
I have a scenic tour background. Many turns. I was a math teacher and then a youth counselor before I started working in government. I have held agent positions with both state and federal departments. I started investing a few years out of college with a series of trial by error. My primary editor is Seeking Alpha. I like the community as it provides a lot of feedback.

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