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2017 Stock Reviews

2017 summaries of buy-side stock analysis, sell/short, and general review. The equities covered trade in the NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC. Most analysis is hosted at Seeking Alpha, DIYSI's primary editor. Some reviews are native to this site.

Is The $136 Billion Debt Of General Electric A Deterrent?

Oct. 26, 2017 | by DIYSI

When running scans on free cash flow yield, I noticed General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) back in Q2 of 2016 to have a confusing outlook. Why would a company with negative free cash flow/FCF be so loved, pumped and even continue to offer the dividend while cash reserves depleted? Recently, Jim Cramer came out and said the cash flow was an issue. I couldn't agree more and wrote the brief, "GE's Q3 2017 Swift FCF Yield."

Possibly more alarming than the cash flow is the debt. They are holding roughly $136B in long-term debt. Wow! At the new share lows around $21; $136B long-term debt is nearly 75% of GE's market capital. Before we talk about the popular speculation of a dividend cut/suspension, let's compare the debt with companies notoriously scoffed for lack of profitability... Visit Seeking Alpha to read more.

Nano-Cap Finds Support In FCF And Cost Cutting

September 14, 2017

Jason Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: JASN), a nano-cap company, is finding gains in operating income despite an overall decline in auto sales and other decreased revenue streams. The company manufactures a wide array of automotive parts (even seats for lawnmowers) and has a market capital hovering around $31m. It is of larger size when one looks at its annual revenue of $705m (2016). The company headquarters is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it has several other U.S locations too. Yet, for a small company, it is highly globalized. Of its four business segments, Finishing, Seating, Components and Automotive Acoustics, Finishing is primarily abroad with 17 of the 20 locations in foreign countries, including Mexico and China.

As seen in the Q2 2017 earnings slides, a saving of up to $1.7m is expected to come from consolidating manufacturing plants. A separate facility consolidation is set to complete by Q4 2017 that will give another $1.5m in savings... Visit Seeking Alpha to read more.

GoPro's Broadcasting Surpassing Monster Energy And Coca-Cola

April 26, 2017

GoPro, Inc. (NASDAQ: GPRO) is becoming the company to hold and squeeze. It is a little like The Abominable Snow Rabbit (Warner Bros. 1961). Not so much a meme commentary of the squeezing of the stock price, but more so an observation that other companies might want to acquire them. The GoPro, Inc. partnership with Red Bull GmbH has been overlooked. Red Bull is not a pure beverage company anymore rather than the Monster Beverage Corporation.

The following is a quick comparison of web traffic for the aforementioned companies with emphasis on GoPro streaming video segments. Further fundamental analysis of GoPro stock will also be reviewed. Go to Seeking Alpha for the full buy rated article.

Enzymotec Is Losing The Omega-3 Krill War

April 07, 2017

Enzymotec Ltd. (NASDAQ: ENZY) is of the healthcare sector with a two part portfolio of pharmaceutical and nutritional products. Products include baby formula ingredient, memory loss prescription and krill oil (a source of omega-3).

The stock reached a 52 week high of $9.32 PPS on August 2, 2016. On that day the trading volume was only 24,283. For the proceeding months the company experienced a steady sell-off, dropping to a 52 week low of $5.20 PPS on November 16, 2016. Go to Seeking Alpha for the full short-sell and pairs trade article.

Ford Follows Walgreen To The Corner And GoPro Goes Subliminal With Anderson Cooper

March 01, 2017

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) looks to keep following Walgreens' (NASDAQ: WBA) play book as it develops more Quick Lane service stores. These parts and labor stores can be stand-alone establishments with relatively small footprints; they can easily pop-up in new locations like a Walgreen's store. Quick Lane, for some Ford dealers is more prominent in ads than the car lot, which seems to be the case for one location in Idaho that operates the domain: The full quick pick article on Ford, GoPro and Twitter is hosted here at DIYSI.

Basic Stock Investing

February 22, 2017

A basic question new, aspiring investors are too embarrassed to ask and financial blogs quickly skip over, "How do I buy stocks?" Most of the banking products offered will tie up money for five years and longer. A 5yr CD might return a measly 2% each year. A microcap and smallcap stock can return over 100% on investment in as little of time as one year. However, the investment comes with significant risk of loss compared to a conventional bank CD. Read the full DIY Stock Investor article.

Interview: Neptune Wellness Solutions CEO Jim Hamilton

February 02, 2017

CEO Jim Hamilton took lead of the company in 2015 and has since steered them towards acquisitions and increased the variety of omega-3 products. Their growth chart is compelling and takes on a good turn-around story. The company recently received a $10m royalty agreement after completing settlements with a top competitor.

The name of the company has gone through transformations. The former name was Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. (NASDAQ: NEPT) and remains on the SEC registration. They have since changed their name and branding to Neptune Wellness Solutions or even Neptune for short. Neptune is primarily a Business-to-Business (B2B) of Omega-3 Nutraceuticals. It once focused on a patented krill oil, but has since broadened via acquisitions to include many Omega-3 products. Read the full interview and listen to additional SoundCloud audio at Seeking Alpha.

10 Questions With Value Investor T. Aaron Brown

GuruFocus January 27, 2017

PJ Pahygiannis is a contributing author for GuruFocus, a financial news and research site that tracks the "best investors in the world." PJ had reached out to me asking for a brief interview, in which I found to be a nice experience. Most know me via my work at S.A., but I also publish stock investment information including The Swift FCF Yield at my site: DIY Stock Investor. The interview consisted of ten questions. Go to GuruFocus to read.

Interview: Veru Healthcare CEO Dr. Mitchell Steiner

January 09, 2017

During the early-80s Dr. Mitchell S. Steiner realized there was more to being a urologist. He chose a route in molecular biology, something of an emerging field back then. His studies began in the pre-Viagra era; most approaches were invasive and castration was common for prostate cancer.

Somewhere in the first fifteen minutes of the interview I was reminded that urology and the medical profession would lead to mentions most men steer away from: castration, STDs., sperm count, gonads, prophylactics... Yet, it was highly interesting like a visiting professor's colloquium. Read the full interview and listen to additional soundbites at Seeking Alpha.

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