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2018 Stock Reviews

2018 summaries of buy-side stock analysis, sell/short, and general review. The equities covered trade in the NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC. Most analysis is hosted at Seeking Alpha, DIYSI's primary editor. Some reviews are native to this site.

LightPath Tech Focuses On Autonomous Vehicles

May 25, 2018 | by DIYSI

LightPath Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTH) is an infrared, diversified optics company with a future focus on autonomous vehicles/AV. Their Lidar products are utilized for AV.

The micro-cap stock is trading with a market capital around $52 million; a near 52-week low around $2 price per share. The bottom support, P/E value among peers, and the decent volume could pair well with steady revenue growth.

Read more about LightPath Technologies. Visit Seeking Alpha for the full analysis.

DIY Investing Goals For 2018

March 21, 2018 | by DIYSI

Do-it-yourself investing is more than throwing money into an index or mutual fund and hoping that managers choose good stocks. Those potential gains are miniscule. The DIY person is smart, well read, and excellent in their field of study. The transition from their area of expertise into the stock market is an acceptable risk-to-reward investment that can return 100%, 200%, and more...

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Gun Control Myths Resurface, But Stocks Bounce Back

March 07, 2018 | by DIYSI

During school tragedies involving firearms, the public debate over gun control systematically resumes. In most cases, time is spent on rehashing already decided issues because myths resurface and sidetrack the discussion. These myths can also cause a DIY stock investor to make mistakes regarding firearm and outdoor recreation companies.

Three Gun Control Myths That Cause Investor Fear:

  1. Gun manufacturers are going to be held liable.
  2. The demand for guns will taper with tougher restrictions.
  3. Public sentiment supports gun control.

Read more about Smith & Wesson or its holding company, American Outdoor Brands Corporation (NASDAQ: AOBC). Visit Seeking Alpha for the full analysis.

Canada's Neptune Brings Marijuana To NASDAQ

Jan. 10, 2018 | by DIYSI

Neptune Wellness Solutions is a Canadian based company now specializing in CBD oil extraction. Also known as Neptune (NASDAQ: NEPT), the company had been a long-standing, global producer of proprietary krill oil and other Omeg-3 products. Neptune has its factory and lab located in Quebec, Canada.

During the krill oil business, Neptune constantly spent R&D costs on defending their patents and trying to collect royalties from delinquent partners. A long dispute dragged on in Australia over Enzymotec's refusal to pay. Eventually, in April 2017 Enzymotec begain paying on their settlement of $1.63m. This was the wind-down of the Omega-3 krill war. At that time Neptune had already received a better settlement package from the more amicable, Aker BioMarine. Ultimately, Neptune sold most krill assets to Aker BioMarine for $34m. This was due to Aker's harvest fleet being a more synergetic acquirer, the best price offer, and potential future deals. Neptune also concluded that the krill oil market was too small in comparison to their opportunity in cannabidiol (CBD)... go to the full analysis on Neptune.

Making Babies? This Stock Counts On It.

Jan. 09, 2018 | by DIYSI

If you caught The Rock's (Dwayne Johnson) New Year resolution on social media, you recall a point well made: "...making babies, which is always my favorite part."

If this sentiment towards making babies were to be widely held we could have a baby boom in late 2018. Kidding aside, there are some indicators that support family expansion this year.

An increase in the infant and toddler population would aid organic growth in revenue for Crown Crafts, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRWS). Crown Crafts specializes in infant and toddler products. A range of items include crib bedding, hooded towels, and educational toys... Visit Seeking Alpha to read more.