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Nano-Cap Finds Support In FCF And Cost Cutting

September 14, 2017

Jason Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: JASN), a nano-cap company, is finding gains in operating income despite an overall decline in auto sales and other decreased revenue streams. The company manufactures a wide array of automotive parts (even seats for lawnmowers) and has a market capital hovering around $31m. It is of larger size when one looks at its annual revenue of $705m (2016). The company headquarters is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it has several other U.S locations too. Yet, for a small company, it is highly globalized. Of its four business segments, Finishing, Seating, Components and Automotive Acoustics, Finishing is primarily abroad with 17 of the 20 locations in foreign countries, including Mexico and China.

As seen in the Q2 2017 earnings slides, a saving of up to $1.7m is expected to come from consolidating manufacturing plants. A separate facility consolidation is set to complete by Q4 2017 that will give another $1.5m in savings... Visit Seeking Alpha to read more.


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