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The Swift FCF YieldSwift FCF Yield

The Swift FCF Yield a digest applying Free Cash Flow (FCF) yield to popular stocks of the NYSE and NASDAQ. Sometimes the newswire focuses on income statement results for a stock. By also examining the cash flow statement for a company, meaningful conclusions can be made about the health of the business. Listed below are past reviews of The Swift FCF Yield for different stocks. Simply click on the hyperlink at the end of each summary to continue.

Is Tesla Autopilot A Kamikaze?

May 30, 2018 | by DIYSI

Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) with its autopilot continues to crash into targets as if the AI was designed around a Kamikaze. If the Tesla autopilot were just another design by Takata (the makers of the faulty airbag) there'd be a lawsuit, NHTSA finding, and bankruptcy. However, we continue to coddle the EV pioneer as if the king can do no harm. Go to Tesla's free cash flow yield.

The Swift FCF Yield:

May 16, 2018 | by DIYSI (NASDAQ: AMZN) will increase its annual Prime membership fee by 20% ($99-$119). This jump will start in 2019 for pre-existing subscribers. There are more than 100 million Prime members and Amazon could quickly rake-in $2 billion by merely adjusting one feature of their ecosystem. Could is the operative word, as a cautious estimation would expect some subscribers to balk at the fee adjustment. However, if they are like most of us who use Prime video, music, Kindle benefits, etc.; Prime is a utility and we'll keep the lights on. Visit Amazon's free cash flow yield.

The Swift FCF Yield: LightPath Technologies

May 15, 2018 | by DIYSI

On Monday the 14th of May, LightPath Technologies (NASDAQ: LPTH) released Q3 earnings results for fiscal year 2018. There was a beat on EPS with $0.04 and on revenue with $8.5M (+0.1% Y/Y). The company sells to civilian consumers, but also to the U.S. military in the realm of infrared optics. Of equal or more value is LightPath addressing the industry of autonomous vehicles. Visit LightPath Tech's free cash flow yield.

The Swift FCF Yield: Under Armour, Inc.

Apr. 30, 2018 | by DIYSI

On the brink of Q1 2018 earning release scheduled for the morning of May 1, 2018; Under Armour (NYSE: UAA) had begun a slow recovery towards free cash flow (FCF) yield. After the Winter Olympics, College Basketball Championships and The Rock's endorsement we have seen a Q1 revival of brand recognition. Visit Under Armour's free cash flow yield.

The Ford Mustang Is Forever

Apr. 27, 2018 | by DIYSI

A federal court recently reinstated the federal fuel efficiency requirements, which would affect Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F). Soon after this development the company stated to reduce North American sedan production. The Ford Mustang, however, will remain and likely forever. More to follow on Ford's free cash flow yield.

The Swift Life Surpasses LinkedIn

Dec. 17, 2017 | by DIYSI

Taylor Swift's social app, The Swift Life has moved ahead of the Microsoft Corporation's (NASDAQ: MSFT) social app. Last year, Microsoft paid $26 billion for LinkedIn, which had 450 million users. The Swift Life is owned by Glu Mobile Inc (NASDAQ: GLUU) and launched last week on Taylor's birthday. There hasn't been talk of a Microsoft buyout of the small-cap (approx. $600m) gaming company. However, Tencent Holdings (OTC: TCEHY) has picked up shares of Glu Mobile in the past and is rumored to have been interested. In the DIY Stock Market world, its hard to obtain an insider leak, thus we're left to a little curious speculation. Read the rest at Microsoft's free cash flow yield.

GEs Q3 2017 Swift FCF Yield

Oct. 25, 2017 | by DIYSI

The General Electric Company, aka, GE (NYSE: GE) has had a dismal free cash flow (FCF) for over a year, but it's primarily been ignored by investors. DIY Stock Investor first made notice of the disparaging cash flow issue in Q2 2016. Jim Cramer recently spoke with Squawk on the Street admitting cash flow is the problem, but he still hasn't given up on his affection for the CEO, John Flannery. Read the rest at GE's free cash flow yield.

Condoms Plus Biotech Produce Free Cash Flow Yield

Sep. 27, 2017 | by DIYSI

Veru, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERU) is a health care company slightly in the balance as the GOP continues attempts to shrink the health care bill. Yet, their main product selling now is the female condom known as FC2. This product has shown to be covered in family planning in a majority of states and independent from federal funding initiatives. Since the late 2016 merger, the condom business was joined to a biotech company pushing it's pipeline of urology drugs into development. Read further stock analysis, The Swift FCF Yield for full review.

DACA And The Looming School Exodus

September 06, 2017

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) coming to an end could cause loss in the education industry as enrollment declines. American Public Education, Inc. (NASDAQ: APEI) and Student Transportation, Inc. (NASDAQ: STB) are just a couple thet could be affected. Read further stock analysis, The Swift FCF Yield for full review.

Discovery Lacking Cash For Scripps Looks To Dilution And Synergy

August 01, 2017

Discovery won the bid for Scripps, uniting broadcasting brands and content. However, the cash wasn't there and dilution draws near. Discovery Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: DISCA) stock price is undergoing the normal setbacks according to merger arbitrage. Having disproportionately low cash and equivalents for the acquisition of Scripps Networks, Inc.(NASDAQ: SNI); the purchase requires Discovery to offer stock and dilute present shareholders' position. Go to the latestThe Swift FCF Yield for full review.

Whole Foods Could Make Amazon The Next Marijuana Stock

Q2 2017

Marijuana + Whole Foods Market + Amazon delivery = big speculation. Whole Foods Market, Inc. (NASDAQ: WFM) responded to marijuana speculation back in 2015 stating they would carry the product so long as it was legal and in demand. Now that Amazon is buying them out, their synergy could lead to marijuana delivery. Read The Swift FCF Yield.

The Twitter Sports Channel

Q1 2017

Twitter has increased streaming sports content and Facebook to follow. The Swift FCF Yield shows that Twitter, Inc. had $203.45m in OCF for Q1 2017. More about the free cash flow yield.

The Swift FCF Yield: Snapchat, Inc.

Q1 2017

A $28.33b valuation for Snapchat is absolutely crazy. Someone needs to wake up and smell the coffee. More about the free cash flow yield.

The Swift FCF Yield: Ford Motor Company

Q1 2017

Get back in the States. A Trump n Dump play on automakers? The FCF Yield for Ford beats General Motors. See free cash flow yield for the full read.

The Swift FCF Yield: Apple

Q4 2016

Apple, Inc.'s FCF is strong and cash reserves have increased. Stockholders wish for their small-caps to be acquired. More on Apple, Inc.'s free cash flow yield.

The Swift FCF Yield: AT&T

Q3 2016

AT&T is said to be offering $85b for Time Warner, which is a premium to the current market capitalization of nearly $67.62b. More on AT&T's free cash flow yield.

The Swift FCF Yield: General Electric

Q2 2016

General Electric's FCF is at a loss requiring them to dip into cash reserves. Reserves went from $75b to $52b in one quarter's time. More on GE's free cash flow yield.

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The Swift FCF Yield: Facebook

Q2 2016

Trump debates Clinton on Monday, September 26th and will be hosted as live video on Facebook. The event could drive more ad revenue and further free cash flow yield. Continue reading about Facebook's free cash flow yield.

The Swift FCF Yield: GoPro

Q2 2016

2H of 2016 had a downturn in GoPro FCF Yield. The company was at a loss after a previous operating cash flow (OCF) of $158m in 2015. Now we await the Karma drone launch of September 19th for a possible bull run. Check the link for more on GoPro's free cash flow yield.

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Swift FCF Yield: Fitbit

Q2 2016

Will Fitbit survive in a land of an easily replicable concept: fitness tracking? They certainly generate cash. The following is a swift look at Fitbit's free cash flow yield.